The Stars and Celebrities with Pink Hair

Celebrity Pink Hairstyle

The Stars and Celebrities with pink hair. If in 2011 there was the red fashion, now is definitely out. In 2012, the trend is pink. The pink hair was first seen on the runways of Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2011-2012 fashion in Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott, in particular. In 2012, the trend is taking shape in the first parade (Louis Vuitton put pink powder, Jil Sander choose pink greedy, Zac Posen frankly prefer the rose) ... then on the red carpet. Yes, it is likely that many celebrities are bowing. The little discreet, full color, our stars, especially when driving in nature or that are the epitome of extravagance, do not hesitate to make known their addiction.

People with pink hair color

Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj Free Charlotte is all or nothing: as I understand, the pink whole head or anything! Willow Smith after not wearing a shaved head wearing a fluorescent pink flashy Ultra. But if these four brave warrior erected in pink, others prefer to take by strand. If it's Chloe Moretz, Rachel McAdams (strands of hair to match her bright fuchsia pink lip gloss) and January Jones. Coco Rocha also includes discrete circle of the Met gala in New York. This is a selection of lengths striking pink with wavy locks, all worn on one shoulder.

However, the appearance is poor pink pink because, although limited to a few strands, actually not very refined. We imagine, it can be fun in a night, but not beyond. And then, a rose is not the easiest to succeed. Based on the fundamental principle that the mixture of two primary colors produces a secondary color, we understand that the success of a color depends on the natural hair color and pigments that overlaps. It is therefore normal that blond hair, pink becomes orange. Rosa, since it requires a very clear edge basis even white. This means that all people with blond hair baby will have no difficulty in applying directly on the pink hair whatever shade you choose. Otherwise, go through the casing discoloration.

The fading interest

Bleaching is permanently eliminate the pigments of the hair fibers for thinning hair and thus ensure. Better and long lasting with the new color Both say, the damage to the hair fiber are significant after this procedure mandatory. The hair can be found drastic vulnerable and need care. All this to say that the trend can easily create a pink hair disaster. Consequently, if the bleaching or coloring, it is best to contact a professional hairdresser who dominates the exposure time and the distribution of products on the hair.