Short hair: Tips, care and hairstyles

Tips, care and hairstyles for short hair

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Does short hairstyles suits all face shapes?

In theory it self. But in practice, depends on the way in which they work. However, there are some basic rules in morpho-hairdresser:
  • An oval face can afford it. Natalie Portmann, Demi Moore is a good example: even with a shaved head, her beauty remains intact.
  • A triangular face you should never provide the volume and not on the top of the head, because if not lengthen the face shape.
  • To a round face: they try to make a cut that sense of height, to lengthen the face. Instead, the sides should work with discretion. The neck is long.
  • A square face will adapt easily to a light cutting, moving, that frame the face softly. Avoid: too structured cuts, which can be hardened features.
The shape of the skull also taken into account, especially in very short cuts. The issue also poses: how far I'm willing to go?

In short hairstyles, it is essential to talk to the hairdresser, especially when you opt for a short cut, as it proposes a multitude of possibilities. Talk to her or him, before taking action.
  • What details to take care not to appear too masculine?
Depends on the face, but in general, avoid too sharp side burns. The most important thing is to choose a smooth, especially in areas surrounding the temples and the nape.